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Kirk on Campus, a project of the Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal, celebrates and defends the permanent things at America’s colleges and universities. A unique source of cultural conservative thought, Kirk on Campus fills a critical niche in the national conversation about the meaning of America, the West, and the conservative tradition.
Strengthening the Foundations of Western Civilization

Tradition. Lived.

For more than twenty years, the Kirk Center has enjoyed a national and international reputation as a haven of higher learning, linking together generations past and present in an educational journey to discover and nourish the roots of America’s political, economic, and religious heritage. Civilization can only thrive, Edmund Burke once wrote, as a partnership of “those living, those who are dead, and those who are yet to be born.” The Kirk Center is first and foremost engaged in conserving—and at times reforming—a living tradition. Civilizational memory and community can together foster the kind of continuity in beliefs, practices, and institutions necessary if a culture is to foster authentic human flourishing.
Kirk on Campus will bring scholars unashamed but not uncritical of the great legacy of America and the West to schools across Michigan and its neighboring region. In doing so it will help contribute to a greater variety of thought and informed opinion, as well as to cultivate much-need civilized discourse.


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